Real Estate Consultation

Mr. Lawler has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry and knows the economic and legal ramifications of holding real estate as an investment. He can also advise non-investors as to what their best course of action may be when facing a possible foreclosure. Using his creativity and objectiveness, he has helped many clients facing tough choices concerning their real estate holdings.

Buyer/Seller Representation

In Georgia, it is not traditional for a Buyer or Seller to have their own attorney at closing. Most Buyers and Sellers presume that the Closing Attorney represents them – however, that is NOT the case. In all cases involving a mortgage loan in Georgia, the Closing Attorney represents (and consequently advises) the mortgage lender. In cash closings, the Closing Attorney represents the party paying his fee. That attorney is prevented from providing legal advice concerning the closing to any other parties.

When buying a home or when selling, it is quite often worth the relatively low additional expense to have your own attorney, one who can make sure that all the documents are properly prepared and done so in a way that exposes you to as little risk as possible. Mr. Lawler would be very glad to help you achieve those goals.

Contact the Law Offices of David M. Lawler, Inc. to schedule an appointment and discuss the facts and circumstances concerning your Real Estate Issues.

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