Business Attorney

Conducting business in your personal name, as a sole proprietorship or a general partnership is fraught with risk. If your business is found liable to another person or business, your personal assets are on the line in most cases. Many business owners appreciate the wisdom of having limited liability protection as they conduct business, thus shielding their personal assets in the event of unexpected business liabilities, such as a slip and fall lawsuit.

Forming a Business Entity

Creating a business entity is quick and relatively inexpensive. Whether you wish to conduct business as a Limited Liability Partnership, a Limited Liability Company or a corporation, the Law Offices of David M. Lawler, Inc. can form your business, register it with the Secretary of State and the IRS, draft your customized Partnership Agreement, Operating Agreement or By-Laws and provide concise legal advice on how best to protect your personal assets while operating your business.

We offer SAME DAY SERVICE in creating your business entity. Unlike many “do-it-yourself” legal websites whose “express service” is 7-10 days, we take care of creating your business TODAY.

In virtually all cases, we can provide you this service without you even having to come into the office. All details are discreetly handled via phone and/or email.

Transactions – Purchases and Sales

When conducting Purchases and Sales of businesses and their assets, it is wise to have the transaction overseen by an attorney who can advise you of the legal ramifications, as well as prepare documents that protect the Buyer and Seller.

Contact the Law Offices of David M. Lawler, Inc. to discuss your unique situation and your desire to form a business entity.

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